Presenting Goldwork (Zlatovez)


Presenting Goldwork (Zlatovez), embroidery, a traditional national heritage of Croatia

Goldwork was originally developed in Asia, and has been used for at least 2000 years. Its use reached a remarkable level of skill in the Middle Ages. In Dubrovnik it was mentioned in cities archives in the 13th century. Then, during the 18th century gold and metal threads were used to produce flamboyant garments worn in the English and continental courts as a symbol of wealth and luxury. Slavonia embraced goldwork in the 19. century and made it once again a sign of power. It was used as a sign of wealthiest and most important families that owned the villages. But it has always been reserved for occasional and special use only, due to both expense of the materials and the time to create the embroidery, and because the threads – no matter how expertly applied – will not hold up to frequent laundering of any kind.

Goldwork is the art of embroidery using metal threads. It is particularly prized for the way light plays on it. The term “goldwork” is used even when the threads are imitation gold, silver, or copper, and even then the “gold” often contains a very low percent of real gold.

Now we bring Goldwork back to its previous royal prestigious state.

Sketching by @meerchewskey