Dominik Sporis Creative Director Sisters Code


FM42: Dominik, you worked for the brand Sisters Code at Belgrade Fashion Week. What experience do you experience from Belgrade?
The Sisters Code fashion show at BGDFW was wonderful. The entire team was full of good energy. You know how it is in a fashion world, everyone hates and does not talk to each other with others, so in Belgrade it’s a different story. All are open, relaxed and the atmosphere is really crazy. I met a lot of my dear friends and colleagues. I always wear Belgrade in beautiful memories. There I feel the same in Zagreb as home.

FM42: We learned that you’ve become a part of the creative team’s Sisters Code. How did this cooperation come about?
It happened so spontaneously and simply that it was in the moment. Somehow, as it is said, “clicked” around everything. We were complementing each other, talking about ways and creations and finding common goals. We’ve already started working on projects and a new collection of Sisters Code, we have a lot of ideas and inspiration. Creativity and love for the challenges obviously brings us together.

FM42: What is fashion for you?
For me it’s a fashion when I can turn a rough rainy day into the nicest.
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