The new luxury collection SISTER’S CODE ATELIER for Spring – Summer 2019 represents the essence of timeless luxury and classic, yet modern-urban femininity and sensuality. Presented pieces are the perfect blend of classics and elegance that are the trademark of the interior, always present with their own name. Are those pieces that you will never want to get out of your wardrobe because they are not subject to current trends, they are wisely crafted to come back to them again and again. Stylistic evolution of the interior has resulted in creating an assortment that does not know about the test time and has achieved the fusion of gentleness and luxury that you simply mourn to immerse in your female I.

Top Models: Ivana Stankovic & Dragana Bjelobrk
Makeup: Svetlana Sremćevic
Hells, Armani: Roméo Rodin
Jewellery: Bombay Birds, Maya Milano Jewellery Monoi Design
Stayling: Bojana i Vladana Veljković
Production studio: Fashion Studio by Mima Madžarac