At the time of the pandemic, when support was very important, they joined forces and created a capsule collection for autumn / winter 2020/2021 called Sisters Code Atelier & Dana Light x Kamije. The collection is accompanied by MAYA MILANO JEWELERY – innovative and creatively made jewelry made of Italian silver. Like IPSA Jewelry by top model Alexandra Egorova who creates minimalist jewelry from pearls and precious stones for all occasions, Bianco bags – modern bags made of the highest quality materials. Our famous journalist and writer Duška Jovanić was photographed in models from the current collection, whose style of clothing inspired us to some extent.  Duška rocks at the runway in Iconic SCA silk / woole jacket with SCA leder tote bag in grey with croco leder boots KAMIJE.  She wears a minimalistic IPSA fresh pearls necklace around her neck created by Alexandra Egorova.The fashion brand Sisters Code Atelier was created in the spring of 2014, and until then there was an idea and creativity, which we managed to realize with the help of friends from the fashion industry. Fashion duo Bojana and Vladana Veljković, the names behind the Sisters Code Atelier brand. The designer of the Love Light Dana brand – Danica Tonšić, sees a woman as a strong being, who, knowing what she wants, still does not condemn her femininity. Made by hand and from the finest fabric, feelings of love are materialized through clothing that exudes inconspicuous beauty and high-class elegance, while providing comfort. The family brand Mona Style, has been making handmade fashion footwear for over 20 years. The creative team of Katarina Bogosavljević, Jelena Videnović and Mirjana Vitomirov, designed the Kamije line and designed special models for the capsule collection.

PH: Oblix photo Belgrade Fashion Week backstage, Bogdan Gligoric